Things to note and FAQ’s

Sharing our home with campers over the years has given us great pleasure, but does not come without its own challenges as we are just two (rapidly ageing) people running the whole show by ourselves. For this reason and in order that we can both continue doing so in the years to come, we respectfully ask that campers take note of our requests below…. it really helps us to keep the wheels running smoothly and efficiently. We maybe don’t always get everything right ….but we try our best.

To Book Camping – please state how many adults in total (max 4 and note that we no longer take children under 13 years of age), tents (stating size/berth), vehicles (as few as poss please, we have limited parking space) and dates/nights you would like to stay for. Please note we no longer take dogs (after too much hen chasing (and worse!) we have decided to stop taking them altogether.

New Arrivals – are welcome from 2.30pm until 7pm (a bit later is possible if by prior arrangement). Please stop and book-in at our kitchen door on arrival (first door on the right) before driving down to the parking area.

Departures – please by 11.00am at the latest. This allows us the time needed to perform the extra cleaning tasks currently required before new arrivals check in from 2.30pm. It also prevents congestion on the single track and offers new guests the full choice of where to pitch.

Payment – we take cash payment on arrival … (sorry, we don’t have a card machine) and please bring 50p coins along with you for the showers.

Deposits/Cancellations – we don’t ask for a deposit (unlike most campsites), but we do ask that you please give at least 5 days notice (1 week for BH weekends and the Jazz Festival) if you are unable to come, so that we can offer your spot to someone on our Cancellation List. Late cancellations (ie giving less than the required notice) are subject to payment in full, as they leave us with empty spaces that could have been offered to others.

Recycling and Separating all of your Rubbish – into our bins is absolutely essential … (we may not be the right campsite for you if you’re not into recycling !)

Groups/Large Bookings – sorry, we don’t take groups (incl DofE) or large family bookings of more than 4 people, we are simply not a suitable site for those sorts of get together. Teenagers are very welcome, but we no longer take younger children.

(Please don’t book separately and ‘become’ a group once here as we will not be able to honour your booking and we will have to turn you away … with no refund!)

Dogs  – sorry, but we no longer take them … after too much hen chasing and barking!..

Radios, Music and Sound-Systems  – sorry but this is a quiet site so these are not welcome at Priory Mill.

Visitors – Sorry but we do not take campers visitors anymore due to the current virus situation.

Campervans – Please note during the busy summer season, it is essential to book in advance as we only take four small campervans at a time (VW sort of size so 5 metres or 16′ max) and we have a specific area for them at the far end of the track (please note that both this area and the garden field are closer to the road than the tent meadows) …. booking is necessary

Caravans and Trailer Tents  – sorry but we don’t take caravans or trailer tents at all … not even small ones!

Location – Though not busy, inevitably some noise from the road above the meadow is unavoidable (see map on the “Find Us” page for more info)  ….we are only a ten minute walk from town so not in an isolated, remote location.

Weather – Forecasts tend to predict worse weather than we actually get here at Priory Mill. Brecon town is in a rain shadow, protected from the prevailing, south westerly weather by the Brecon Beacons, where most of the rain fall happens!

Phone Charging – although we don’t have hook-up, we do have a free charging area for phones, ipads, battery chargers etc.

Drinking Water – is available throughout the site

We are a Certificated Site (CS) and usually open from April to September…. but not always so check Calendar first.

You’re welcome to have a Campfire or a BBQ, but using only our supplied firewood and/or charcoal please. Feel free to bring your own fire-tray if you have one, or borrow ours if not. Sorry but we don’t allow disposable BBQ’s on site… they are un-ecological, smelly and just too difficult to dispose of !

Free-range eggs are available (when our hens are in the mood for laying!) Apologies if we’ve run out when you ask …. the girls struggle to keep up with demand during busy periods!

For the most up to date info about camping please see our “Notices” page